Do you remember the time when HID bulbs were brought to the automotive world? The amazing bright white lights coming from bulbs with high intensity superseded the unattractive yellow-emitting ones that nearly all vehicles had. As time goes by, technology advances with longer lasting and better lights for all car drivers. The automotive industry began with halogen bulbs simply because they were cheap and easy to make, but high-intensity discharge and now LED bulbs are quickly becoming popular in the market. In this post, we will help you determine what is the best h11 bulb for your car, but of course, it would come down to individual taste.

Halogen bulbs

Nearly all vehicles in the market these days are designed with halogen headlamps as the standard equipment. In general, the most common reasons why those types are so popular is because they are quite easy to produce, which makes the process of manufacturing less expensive.

A single halogen headlamp would last up to roughly 1000 hours, depending on the condition it is exposed to.  The cost of replacement for those bulbs is often around 30 USD and they are also available at any auto shops. Last but not least, they could come in all shapes and sizes to fit most vehicle models.
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