Cu Chi Tunnels – A Great Tour In Ho Chi Minh City

Cu Chi Tunnels is a remarkable destination which attracts a lot of tourists all over the world. In order to help your journey to be smooth and favorable, we would like to share some experiences as well as the instructions for a self-supporting and cheap Cu Chi tunnels tour.

Introduction about the Cu Chi tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels is on the top 7 of the strange destinations in Southeast Asia and is one of 6 artificial projects in the world. Located in the suburbs of Sai Gon, Cu Chi Tunnels stretches 200km and was built during the war against America. This place is used as a war museum, attracts a lot of people from the home country and other nations to visit and discover.

You can visit this site at any time in a year, however, the favorite time for most of the people is at the weekend.

Cu Chi tunnels

How to move to Cu Chi tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels is about 70km to the northwest from the center of Ho Chi Minh City. You can use a lot of kinds of the vehicles to reach the site, like: the bus, motorbikes or taxis.

Some places to visit in Cu Chi Tunnels

The trench of the tunnels

What can you do when taking part in the Cu Chi tunnels tour? Discovering the trench of this place is the activity you cannot miss. Coming here, you will explore the nook and cranny of this famous place. The trench is about 120m in length and includes 2 floors.

After passing through the trench, you can enjoy the taste of the yam and manioc which is eaten along with the sesame and salt. That’s so amazing. There is also free water at the Hoang Cam kitchen. In addition, there are many kinds of food, however, you should not buy them because of their expensive price.

The area of reproducing the war

This is one of the attractive destinations you should not be ignored. In this area, you can review the whole of the war. Besides, in the back of the hall is the reconstructive area of the famous vestiges, beauty spots in our country, like the Mot Cot pagoda, Sai Gon Bridge, Nha Rong Wharf, Long Bien, Hoang Sa, Truong Sa…

The shooting area

This is the site most of the people love. The price of the ticket for entering to this area is 50.000VND/60 minutes. Each bullet costs 3.000VND, each AK ammunition includes 25 bullets, M16 includes 20 bullets and 7 ones for the pistols.


The swimming pool

Reaching this site, you can have a relaxing shower after the tired time at the trench and shooting area. From the trench, it takes you about 15 minutes to walk to here. And the ticket costs 20.000VND/person.

The Trung An fruit garden

Besides visiting, you can go to the Trung An fruit garden to enjoy the fresh fruits. Specially, there is a hut in this garden which is suitable for holding the picnic when you go together with your family or in a group.

Eating during the journey

The Cu Chi steer, Cu Chi rice paper, Cu Chi manioc, Bau Hoc Mon gruel… are the famous dishes in Cu Chi you should try. About the cheap places in Cu Chi, in the morning, you can enjoy the noodle with the pig’s feet. This dish is very delicious at the store named Minh Quy in Hoc Mon- located about 7km to the right from the An Suong flyover.

Xuan Dao steer- situated about the hundreds of meters to the left from the Cu Chi flyover if you are on the way to An Suong.

Bau Hoc Mon gruel can be found in the Canh Dong Hoang store which is in Thoi Tam Thon commune, Hoc Mon.

Besides, there are a lot of other kinds of food, like: boiled manioc, boiled corn, baked corn, watermelon, rice paper, and coconut milk in the tunnels area. About the beverage, you can try the sugar-cane juice with the durian flavor. You can find this beverage in the Vuon Cau store which is about 3 km to the right from the Cu Chi flyover.

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