Multimeter is an necessary items for everybody

With a multimeter, many people can save a lot of money after a few years. Although a woman purchase one of the multimeters, she might not bring it with her when she goes out in the evening. Moreover, you can solve a lot of problems by yourself with less time than hiring a technician to your house. With the multimeter, every will be easier and more simply for you to solve. I will show you how to do it in this article.

I have met many people including women and men who will not come close to any electrical items as they are frightened of and afraid of electricity. It is safer to stay far away of electricity. Moreover, if you know how to measure the electrical items basically around the house, it is good. Therefore, the essential tool that every house have to own one is a multimeter. If you have one at home, it will eliminate many unsafe jobs and can also save much money.

The price of a multimeter is very cheap, just around $5 or less. With a suitable multimeter, you can use it around the house as well as automobile occasionally. This device is cheaper than a meter which costs more 20 times while it has the same some functions of the meter. Some features of the expensive meter are not necessary. A multimeter has better accuracy for some professional jobs. In addition, the durability and construction of this device is very good.

What the multimeter can do?

After searching for many multimeter reviews, I found that a multimeter can do a variety of jobs such as a measuring tool, checking tool… You need to figure out the benefits of multimeter before making any decision of purchasing one device. This will not only give you much information about the device you intend to buy but also show you how to operate this device.

You can use a multimeter to test a common battery and this is not the only thing that you can do with the multimeter. First of all, you need to set to DC volts for the selector. Then, you should remember the symbol for AC voltage (alternating current) and DC voltage (direct current) like the yellow text box highlights. The battery only uses DC voltage. Next, you set the proper range of the selector on DC scale. Some house used batteries such as AA or AAA are at 1.5 volts. On the multimeter, for other common kinds of battery, you set the range of 4 volt on the DC scale. When you test the battery of 9 volts by the multimeter, you should select the volt range of 40.

This device has a slider of on/off switch. Many kinds of meter can be turned on when the switch of round selector is changed to setting range while the off button is located at the top of selector dial. Moreover, a meter also has internal battery. Therefore, you should turn the device off when you finish in order to save the battery. Many devices can turn off by themselves after few minutes automatically.

You can touch the end of battery by a probe. Theoretically, a red probe will touch the + top of battery and black probe will touch the – top of battery. In fact, it is not the matter if you follow this theory or not. There are some common types of battery such as 3 – volt camera battery, 9 – volt radio battery, button battery, AA battery and AAA battery. Some types of multimeter are designed with the function of battery test.

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