In general, a motorcycle might be basically less safe than a car, but there are a couple of factors that people could do to keep safe on the road.

1. Choose the proper jacket

As a motorcycle provides little protection in the accident, what rider needs to wear would be a part of the accident protection system. Even when you are not in the crash with a vehicle, you would lose control easily and lay down the bike. In these cases, you would slide along on the road.

The most important reason why many riders choose leather is that it is strong enough to keep their skin from scratching when sliding on the road ground. In addition, motorcyclist is always exposed to other hazards such as cigarette butts, bugs or small rocks, which driver in a car would avoid. At about 97 km/h or 60 mph, even the small rocks could sting. And a leather jacket could help to protect you from them.

2. Avoid distraction

All of us understand that distraction while driving is not a good idea, but it is worse when you are riding a motorcycle. The key to keep safe on the road is being hyper-aware of everything that is going on the surrounding.

Remember that it is quite difficult for drivers to see a motorcycle, particularly especially those in SUVs or large vehicles. Therefore, you have to notice and avoid these dangerous things instead of betting on them noticing you. If you are using your iPod or smartphone, your reaction time would be cut by a couple precious seconds, which will put you at higher risks of an accident.

3. Check the weather

As the motorcycle are not as stable as other 4-wheel vehicles, riding a bike in the heavy rain is definitely much more dangerous than driving a truck or car. With only 2 wheels, the traction is just a half of that in a car. In addition, without the windshield wipers, your vision would be compromised.

For these reasons above, check the weather before you want to go out for a ride. If ice, snow, or heavy rain is forecast, leave your motorcycle at home. When you definitely need to ride under the rain, do not do it after the storm begins. When the rain hits the ground first, it will bring up residue and oil, which makes the road surface really slippery. Therefore, you should wait for a short time so that the rain would clear the surface of the road for you. After that, when you are on your way, make sure to be extremely cautious by moving slowly and leaving enough space for stopping

4. Wear a Helmet

Wearing a helmet is probably the most essential thing that you could do to be safe on the road as it will keep your head from any serious injuries, which could lead to even death for a rider.

However, wearing a helmet is not enough, but you have to choose the right one. Many shops sell fancy helmets that seem good but do not actually protect your head. If you are looking for top motorcycle helmets in the market, why not try here for those models that have been tested and offer the maximized protection.

Make sure the helmet would fit correctly. It should not be too loose or too tight. It should not also limit your visibility, but it need to cover most of the head. Therefore, a full face helmet with simple windshield would be a good choice to keep your head safe on the road.

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